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Consider the following questions...

bulletIs sprint car racing your business or career?
bulletDo you keep setup data in notebooks, on scratch paper, or worse yet, in your memory?
bulletCan you quickly find the setup you had in the car during your best qualification lap at a specified track?
bulletCan you easily and accurately determine the number of laps that have been run on all of your motors?
bulletCan you find previous fueling data for races with similar atmospheric conditions?
bulletDo you want your crew chiefs and mechanics to keep more accurate records of setups, performance, fueling and track conditions?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions then SprintSetups is the solution to your troubles.

Most successful businesses these days utilize computers to enhance worker productivity. You may even use a computer for your home or business’ finances. Why then, do you continue to keep setup data on paper?

If sprint car racing is your business or career, you should provide it with every opportunity for success!

Accurate recall of prior setup data, car performance, motor fueling, and track conditions is a critical element in preparation for future races. You may already keep highly accurate paper records of these elements but is it easy to refer back to these records? 

SprintSetups can solve all the problems listed above and will most likely solve other problems too. SprintSetups is a database designed by a World of Outlaw crew chief, mechanic, and driver and is specifically designed for all Sprint Car race teams. The database allows race teams to record nightly race and setup information in a manner that is easily retrievable and searchable for future racing reference. SprintSetups also allows race teams to record motor-related information and maintenance logs. When used as suggested, SprintSetups can keep track of the number of laps that have been run on each of your motors and even notify you when a motor is due for a freshen-up. In addition to race, setup, and motor data, SprintSetups has several built-in reports that allow race teams to more conveniently view or print the information that they’ve entered into the database.

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